5 Divorce Mistakes To Avoid


Although circumstances leading to divorce are different for every couple, there are some things that can be avoided to make the divorce process smooth. A divorce tests your compassion, patience, self-worth, and strength among other important personal qualities. It puts you in unfamiliar situation and advice from everyone you meet can be deceiving. It is important to keep emotions under control to prevent the divorce from hurting or affecting your life. So, what are the six divorce mistakes that you should avoid?

Five Divorce Mistakes To Avoid

1. Falsify or fail to produce financial information

It is a fact that finances play an important role in divorce and separation. If you want the process to be smooth, be honest and produce all the required financial documents such marital assets and debts. Disclosing accurate information lowers the discovery expenses for you and your spouse. The lawyers will need financial statements and you will have to pay for every hour spent requesting and reviewing the documents. If you decide to cooperate, you can avoid unnecessary expenses.

2 Failing to take note of your children

Divorce is always complicated and failing to factor your children into the mix can worsen the situation. A …

Tips On Choosing The Right Divorce Attorney


Divorce can be devastating and confusing at the same time. For that reason, you may not really know what to do or what not to do when you are in such a situation. However, thanks to a divorce attorney, the divorce process becomes less confusing. There are many divorce attorneys available today, but how will you find the right one? Here is a guide to help you in choosing the right divorce attorney;

• Consider the situation
Firstly, you must understand that you are going through a divorce and you definitely need a professional to take care of it. When you have this in mind, you will head to the right attorney to help you in it. It is equally important to know what you will expect them to do and what you will be expected to do in the entire process.

• Ask for references
Before you start fishing out the best attorneys available around, you will want to ask a friend or family member about the best attorney to hire. There might be a possibility that you have a friend, who successfully went though their divorce with the help of a particular attorney. This can be your first …

How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce


Talking to your children about divorce is never easy; but it has to be done. It is therefore critical to learn the ways in which you can break the news without breaking your children. The good news is that there are tactics that will help the children ease into the news and feel comfortable through the process. Every child is different and keeping this in mind will help greatly. The following tips are ideal when you are breaking the bad news of divorce to children.

1. Choose the right time

It is pivotal to choose the best time possible to talk to your children about divorce. Exam season is the worse time to break the news. In addition, you need to choose a time when the kids do not have any issues they are dealing with. Choose a neutral time that does not coincide with a holiday like Christmas because you do not want your children to have bad memories every Christmas. Apart from choosing an ideal timing, choose a venue that will be ideal. You can go on a trip to be at ease or simply stay at home.


2. Parents must talk with one voice

Both parents …